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Are you searching for medical evacuation, transportation, or air ambulance through an airline or charter ? If so, then you are at the right place.

Ashoka Rescue has decades of experience in urgent/non-urgent ground & air medical transportation worldwide. Our team's goal is to provide cost-effective, industry-par medical transportation solutions. Helping individuals, patients, and families reach destinations with care. We don't pursue false promiser nor lie about practicality, we let experienced professionals evaluate and suggest the best course for you.

"We accept, what we can"

"What we can, we assure that"

At Ashoka Rescue, we care for your safety and health, so we understand and provide the best medical care for your journey.

Our Priorities

  • Allow experienced doctors to care for safety and health on board and during transportation.
  • Follow international standards and norms.
  • Maintain constant communication with clients, patients-families and relatives for updates and queries.
  • 24/7 constantly available for easy, fast processing and quotes.
  • Best industry quotes for medical transportation and repatriation services.
  • Bed-to-Bed transportation with advanced medical equipment and support team.
  • Customer service and insistence on privacy
  • Avoid unnecessary paperwork and stress.
  • Use of the latest and greatest medical equipment.

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Book medical transportation team, visits of doctors and specialists for reparations worldwide.

Consults certified specialized emergency doctors on medical and transposition requirements.

Connect 24/7 through various channels, with organizational insistence on privacy.

Book Air Ambulance through domestic and international alliances all over India.

Book international as well as domestic commercial stretcher service.