Ashoka Rescue Air Ambulance India

Air Ambulance services in Bangladesh

If you are an Indian and currently in need of medical evacuation in Bangladesh you can take our help, We have expert & qualified team to bring you back to your home safely in India. We are one of the fast and most advanced emergency services providing air ambulance services in Bangladesh & India. We have safely transported number of patients worldwide in the past years with a 100% safety record.
We can transfer your patient with outmost care through out the world & the more serious patients will be tranffered using the fully eqquiped vehicle with ICU and other advanced life-saving equipments. Patient transports are a complex endeavor & international patient flights add a level of complexity that is to be best managed by a company like us. Our onboard medical team will assist the patient closely and take care of the emergency needs during travelling.
Our Air Transport service begins right from the patient’s home or hospital bedside to their destination bedside, anywhere in the world. We work directly with the hospitals, embassies, insurance companies and families to get our patient home. Our expert & trained medically qulified team along with our global operators works quickly & coordinate with sending and receiving hospitals to ensure a smooth and comfortable trip. Depending on the medical condition of the patient, we can set up either a commercial airline transport back with a medical escort or in critical and time sensitive cases, arrange a private (dedicated) air ambulance.