Medical Escort, Flight Doctors & Nurses

At Ashoka Rescue Air Ambulance, our flight physicians and nurses are highly specialized in delivering comprehensive prehospital and emergency critical care onboard, providing ICU-level care to a wide range of patients. Whether it's medical repatriation or critical transport, our dedicated team ensures the highest standard of care throughout the journey.

Onboard our rescue aircraft, you'll find skilled flight physicians and RN flight nurses forming our comprehensive emergency and critical transport teams. These professionals are adept at managing critical care situations, navigating challenges such as altitude changes, pressure differentials, gravitational forces, and varying weather conditions. They are equipped to handle exacerbations that patients may experience due to factors like hypoxia, limited mobility, gas expansion, and turbulence-related injuries, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients throughout the flight.

Our aeromedical evacuation crews are trained to coordinate and plan for the safe and timely care and evacuation of patients, ensuring a seamless transfer process. Trust Ashoka Rescue Air Ambulance to provide expert medical escort services, backed by our experienced flight physicians and nurses, ensuring the highest level of care for patients in transit.