Commercial Airline Medical Stretcher

The commercial airline medical stretcher offered by Ashoka Rescue provides a vital solution for patients requiring medical transportation. This service enables patients to fly on commercial airlines while remaining on a stretcher throughout their journey. Major airlines often offer this option on select flights, essentially providing an air ambulance service. Our stretcher fitting involves meticulous preparation by our team in collaboration with airport operations staff.

The process begins with coordinating necessary modifications with the airline to create a dedicated space within the aircraft cabin for the stretcher. This typically involves removing rows of seats to accommodate the stretcher and ensure there is ample room for both medical equipment and personnel. Once the stretcher is securely positioned, our experienced medical transport assistants and nurses carefully transfer the patient onto it. During this process, we ensure that all necessary medical equipment, including vital monitoring devices, IV lines, and oxygen tanks, are securely positioned and readily accessible. Throughout the flight, our dedicated medical team provides continuous monitoring, care, and support to the patient. They work closely with airline staff to coordinate any additional requirements, always ensuring the patient's comfort and well-being.

Our priority is to ensure that patients receive the highest standard of medical care and support from departure to arrival. With our expertise and collaboration with airlines and medical professionals, we guarantee safe and comfortable travel for patients, even in challenging medical circumstances. Trust Ashoka Rescue to provide reliable and compassionate medical transportation solutions tailored to your needs.